Bout of Books 13: Favorite Read Photo Challenge

The Bout of Books 13 Readathon is winding down. How is it Day 6 already? I barely accomplished any of my reading goals. I started three books, but I haven't finished any yet. Ah well, it's not over till it's over.

For today's challenge, I had to take a photo of my favorite read so far and then share it with you fine people. I took a picture of Marcus Sedgwick's Midwinterblood

What do you think? It is rather late (2:00 a.m. as I write this), so I might just be delirious, but I think it looks cool and creepy and matches the tone of the novel.  And I think the shadows and knives perfect the vignette.

Thanks to Bout of Books and Once Upon a Chapter for yet another creative challenge. I like being given an excuse to bust out my camera. 

Have you taken a photo of your favorite #boutofbooks read? Share it in the comments! I love me a good book pic.


  1. Nice pic. I like the shadow the candle casts around the book.

    1. Thank you! Are you partaking in #BoutofBooks 13?

  2. J here, stopping by from the #boutofbooks challenge.
    I've followed your listed social media.
    *long, slow, deep whistle* That's one heck of a picture.

  3. Definitely creepy and interesting! I have wanted to read this for a long time, but I am hesitant. IT sounds great but Marcus Sedgwick's books are very hit or miss with me.


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