Thank you for visiting my Review Policy page. If you are looking at this page, then that means you are most likely interested in requesting a book review from me, and I am flattered!  Before contacting me, please read the following information carefully.

I am currently open for review requests of ARCs or finished books from publishers and authors.
  • I only accept physical/print books for review.  I do not own an ereader, so no ebooks, please. I will make exceptions for select audiobooks.
  • I do not accept compensation for my reviews.  My reviews will be unbiased and honest. I am totally committed to being transparent with my readers.
  • If a book is a part of a series (that I have not yet read), then I may ask for the previous books.
  • If you do not hear back from me, assume that I will be declining that request, though I usually reply to every email I receive, even if it is only to give a polite refusal.


I am a Literary Hedonist, after all, so it is to be expected that I have eclectic tastes. I typically read Graphic Novels, YA, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Fiction, and Contemporary Lit, though I don’t limit myself to only those genres. 

I am not interested in reading any of the following: Short Stories, Crime, Espionage, Thriller, Horror, Spiritual/Religious, War/Military. Please be aware that there are books I may accept or reject in any of the aforementioned genres. If not listed, you could always just ask me if I am interested, and the worst I could say is no, thank you. 

My Reviewing System

My review posts generally include the following: Title, Series (if applicable), Author, Publication Date, Publisher, Format, Genre, Page Count, Source, Short Synopsis (if one isn’t provided to me, I’ll use Goodreads), My Rating, a concise 2-5 paragraph Review, and a few Favorite Quotes.

The review will consist of my wholly sincere thoughts and comments in an analytical and constructive manner. Length, detail, and tone varies depending on the “vibe” I get from the book. I give warnings if my review contains spoilers, though I try to avoid those. Every review will be authentic and in accordance with FTC guidelines.

If I am taking the time to read and review a book, I reserve the right to talk honestly about my experience, whether it be good or bad. Negative reviews are few and far between, but be aware that I make no guarantees for a positive review. A negative review will not contain bashing, but it will state logical reasons why I did not particularly enjoy the book. I will never personally insult an author and will always remain respectful.


The books I receive for review get top priority, and I always try to read and review them as soon as possible. Depending on my schedule, the typical timeline for a review posting is between 2-6 weeks after receipt. Let me know if there are any time-frame specifications, and I will do my best to accommodate your request and plan accordingly. I will contact you with a direct link to inform you of when the review goes live.


I use a rating system of 1-5 Stars. I give five stars to books I absolutely love and may consider a new favorite. Usually, I give one star to books that are just not my type. I never give ratings to books I haven't finished.


If I realize a book is simply is not the type of book I thought I would enjoy, I reserve the right not to finish it (though this is rare). I will privately share my reasons with you via email.

Indie Authors & Small Presses

I am currently accepting works from indie authors on a limited basis. I may request a sample chapter prior to accepting the book for review. This is to ensure that I am receiving professional and copyedited work.


Reviews will be posted here on the blog, as well as cross-posted on Goodreads. I also tweet links to my reviews on Twitter. Provide me with your handle, and I will interact with you there.

Authors and publishers may share my review with others, though the review, or any excerpts thereof, should be credited to me and/or linked back to my blog.

Alright, I think you are thoroughly vetted now.
Thanks for reading through the policy. Head on over to my Contact page.
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