Bout of Books 13: Cover Color Challenge

Ready for another #BoutofBooks 13 post? Good, because I am. And as a cover art geek, I ADORE this challenge! 

The Rules: Pick two colors, find four book covers that are at least two-thirds similar, and list 'em. I overachieved and found six because, like I said, I am obsessed. The colors I chose are turquoise and yellow-- two of my favorite colors.

Yellow first:

Now Turquoise:

Note that every book listed above are books that I actually own (and love) and scouted out among my own overly crowded shelves.

Ah, that was so very satisfying. Maybe I will get involved in the design and production end of publishing one day. Sky's the limit.

Again, thanks to Bout of Books and Wishful Endings for hosting the Day 5 Challenge. Did you participate? I won't complain if you share your covers with me.


  1. This is such a fun challenge that I entered with three colors (and six books each). I never thought putting books together by color could be so satisfying. Thanks to you, I am thinking of rearranging my bookshelves... :)
    Here are my entries for blue, red, and green

    1. Thanks, Josephine! I checked out your blog, beautiful selections.

  2. I love this challenge! I would have overachieved myself. If I got started looking for the books for this challenge, I wouldn't be able to stop!


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