Some Bookish Desires

Yes, I have a Book Wish List. No, I have no business wishing for more books until I make a dent in the To-Be-Read piles I already have. I know this, yet my bookish heart won't listen to reason. Hence, this list:

  •  Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov- When it comes to Russian literature, I am woefully under-read. I'm not totally sure if this is the best place to begin, but I know this particular book is a favorite among several friends of mine.
  • Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind- Another genre I barley touch is historical fiction. I don't have a real reason why I stay away being as I've enjoyed the few I have read. I figure, why not put my money where my mouth is and tackle this epic mother?
  • James Dashner's The Maze Runner- Okay, so here is a genre I may actually be over-read in: Young Adult Dystopian. But so what? I love it. I could gobble up Dystopian books like BLTs with extra-crispy bacon.
  • John Irving's The World According to Garp- I honestly don't know what this one is even about. What I do know is that one of my favorite college professors uses this book in one of the courses I didn't get to take.
  • Audrey Niffenegger's The Adventuress- I was blown away by The Time Traveler's Wife. I sort-of liked The Three Incestuous Sisters. I am intrigued by the title. And that explains that.
  • Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes- This book was really popular when it debuted in the late 90s. I remember my Uncle talking about reading it on the train to work when it was first published. I don't know much else about it, but I've been curious about it ever since then.
I'm sure I'll get my hands on these books eventually. For now, I'll just stick to my current bounty and try not to get too intimidated by the mountains of books forming in each room.

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