#DailyBookPic Photo-a-Day Project, Week 2

Week 2 of #DailyBookPic was just as fun as Week 1 if not more so. Can I just mention how proud I am of myself for keeping up with this photo-a-day project? Usually these things become one more thing to cross of the daily to-do list, but I actually really look forward to participating. I make sure I take my picture for the daily prompt before midnight, and I only came close to missing a day once. It must be because the subject matter is so near and dear to my heart that I've stayed this interested and dedicated.

Day 8- Book Fetish: My feather and handcrafted fountain pen obsession. Not precisely book related, but I have a strong feeling that all the greatest books ever printed were initially written with these kinds of pens.

Day 9- Not-a-Book: ...but it used to be! My bookpage candle. This was one of the resulting creations from the Summer Pinterest Challenge. I just took some twine, Mod Podge, and a book page! It was very easy and quick to whip up.

Day 10- Page Count: Chapter one of John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces. Too bad I haven't gotten any farther than that. I really don't want to come short of my Random Reads goal.

Day 11- New Release: The books I've won in First Reads giveaways. I've already journaled about Gaiman's Black Orchid and Moore's So Far Away. I'm still waiting to receive the other two books. Picture me opening up the mail box each day with increasing disappointment that they haven't arrived yet.

Day 12- "I Keep Meaning to Read...": All of my leather bound books. I don't mean to brag [or maybe I do, a little], but I have an impressive leather bound collection for a twenty-something year old. Some of them are the affordable Barnes and Noble leathers, but many of them are gifts from my parents from Easton Press, the leather bound book mecca... though they aren't photographed here. Just take my word for it: I have 'em, I gaze lovingly at 'em. I just need to read them.

Day 13- Library Card: To be quite honest, I haven't had a library card in years. Sure, I had plenty of them growing up. I also rarely remembered to return any of the books I borrowed growing up. I learned from a young age that I prefer to buy rather than rent. So, I was in a pickle as to what to photograph for this prompt. Did I posses any book related cards? Why yes, yes I did. My trusty ole' Borders Rewards card. R.I.P. Borders; I still pine for you and will always be a Borders loyalist at heart.

Day 14- Picture Book: Nancy Butler's Pride & Prejudice the Graphic Novel. The second I laid eyes on this book I had to have it. It's a really beautiful and clever adaptation, and I thought it would be perfect for the picture book prompt.

Some of the prompts this week were a bit tricky, but I got creative with them and used my poetic license [shout out to my second grade teacher who taught me that phrase and made it stick, apparently]. Here's hoping I keep up just as well for Week 3!

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