#DailyBookPic Photo-a-Day Project, Week 3

Another week down, a week and a half to go. Yes, I am still holding strong with the fun and challenging #DailyBookPic project. If you couldn't tell I was a bibliophile before, at this point my dedication to the project might be all the proof I need.

Day 15- Marginalia: Some margin notes in a Norton Reader from my college days. I never write in my books; I only use sticky-notes if I ever feel compelled to scrawl.

Day 16- Cover Art: Folio Society's edition of Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate. Not only are Folio books beautifully cloth-bound, but they have the most amazing cover art as well.

Day 17- Favorite Bookstore: The great and glorious Mr. K's Used Books. By far my favorite local indie bookstore.

Day 18- Book Club: ...get it? haha. I'm currently not in a club, but this is a popular book club pick.

Day 19- Reading Glasses: This pair may be my all time favorite of all the pairs I've ever owned. Not only does it have little gems embedded into the sides, but it sports a G, my second favorite letter (R being the first, guess why).

Day 20- Book Pusher: This was a tough prompt. Its intent is to depict who or what pushes you to read. I originally wanted to photograph Jeff because he is probably my greatest reading supporter, but he thought I should take a picture of GoodReads or a recent mail-order of books. I ran with that and decided that the Mail Woman was my book pusher as she faithfully delivers me my beloved book packages.

Day 21- Books in the Wild: "Crikey! An elusive Borders Classic in its natural habitat!" said in my best Steve Irwin voice. Yes, the selection of The Jungle Books was deliberate, if you didn't already connect those dots.

Getting down to the final #DailyBookPic days. What will I do with myself when the challenge ends? Check out Week 1 here and Week 2 here for my previous prompt submissions.

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