Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I owned my own library...

...And it was glorious. I had an entire room dedicated to all of my beautiful books. I spent hours in there, organizing, reorganizing ('cause playing with books is my idea of fun), and just simply gazing at them. Lovingly.

Then, life happened, and I moved away to pursue my dream job. Sadly, sacrifices had to be made, and now most of my books are in storage. But I did take pictures of the epicness that was my personal library to immortalize it forever.

I was feeling nostalgic today, and as I flipped through all of the pictures, I thought maybe they are worth sharing here.

I'm going to share more close-up pictures of the shelves from this tower every day this week to relive my glory days. Plus, everyone loves a good #bookshelfie.

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  1. I feel your pain, knowing you had to leave your library. I want my own, personal library so badly and when I do finally get it, you will have to drag me away, kicking and screaming. Anyway, I love the shelves and the paper behind the books!


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