A little housekeeping update: after a solid nine months, I've changed my blog's header. Remember this bad boy?

Well, I wanted a header that would allow for easier identification that this is, in fact, a book blog. Though it's never been pointed out to me, I venture to guess that the previous header may have confused those who stumble upon my little slice of the internet. Is it a nature blog? A photography blog? Well, I do like to showcase my budding photography skills here, and my primary subject is nature; however, I want it to be clearer for new readers that this blog is more about my literary pursuits than anything else. Plus, I had fun fiddling around with the fonts and book images to create my new masterpiece header. So, the old header had a good run, but, for now, the blog will be looking like this:

I wonder if this change will attract more readership. We shall see, I suppose. And a big thank you to those who have been reading my posts so far! I'm really enjoying blogging, and I hope you've had as much fun reading as I've had writing.

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